The Market and Your Decision to Go to College


“The Market and Your Decision to Go to College”

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The Market and Your Decision to Go to College
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The market for higher education is determining the key questions of what gets produced, how it is produced, how much is produced, and who gets how much.

Start your discussion by creating a response to these questions:

• Why do you think that more and more students are going to college when, in fact, the price of a college education is increasing? (Be sure to use the models of supply and demand to explain your answer.)

• In what ways have changes in the job market influenced your assessment of the value of an education? (Do you have more choices or options?)

Talk with your peers:

o Reply to a classmate — was their reasoning similar to yours?

Do use the following videos as a jump start perspective to higher education in the U. S compared to other nations.They are on elementary and secondary, but these prepare for higher education of course.

John Stossel- Stupid InAmerica documentary

from movie (True Story) Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman-education and poverty and discrimination topics.


other scenes-

YouTube video

YouTube video

Interview with the real Joe Clark

Class, Do check this out with comparison to Korea. above. How about these videos from this week about Detroit Public Schools–

Warning–Gross!–Detroit Teachers Are SICK Of The Crumbling Schools Duration: (8:37)

User: The Young Turks – Added: 1/23/16 YouTube URL:

Education in South Korea–

and to laugh or cry– —Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking ” for example, that reflect  education in U.S. videos. The examples are as startling as the videos! Truth is stranger than fiction as they say.


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