The Competitive Nature Of Free Market

Why are some companies able to negotiate a discount on bulk orders and other companies do not have this kind of leverage?

Is it good business practice to charge larger customers lower prices than smaller customers? Explain from the perspective of competitor vs. consumer  If so how? And why? If not explain the ethical principle by which you identify with.

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The Competitive Nature Of Free Market
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What are examples of a platform that is being exploited by third party and/or direct to consumer distributors, vendors etc? Ex.

Describe and summarize the types of business practices being used. Does the website make it easy to do business with its customers?

What if a customer doesn’t like the product(s) purchased, what measures have the website taken to prevent price discrimination,scamming, and shrinkage.

If there is coercion practices refer to amazon policies  and procedures and write a recommendation regarding violation of terms and conditions as it relates to segmentation and how it plans to combat this and still create and increase revenue

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