Ten Year Period of U.S. Economic History

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Ten Year Period of U.S. Economic History
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ECO 202

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Choose a title for your presentation.

Include your name, the course name and the assignment name.



Ten-Year Period of U.S. Economic History Overview

This slide should include a brief overview of the 10-year period between 1950 and today that you chose for this presentation.




ECO 202

Write a brief overview of the time period you chose.

To give greater impact make sure to be brief in the slide and explain in the speaker’s notes.

Imagine that you have to present the PPT to an audience.

The slides are an outline for the audience to follow your presentation.

The speaker’s notes would be what you are going to say.




GDP (2 slides)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Growth

Show a graph of real GDP growth rates for each year of your decade and highlight significant changes in growth rates, such as dips or negative growth (recession) or booms (economic expansion)

Real GDP data can be found here at FRED, the research database of the St. Louis Federal Reserve – adjust the data to your 10 year period

Here is a video to introduce you to using the FRED site and this video shows you how to adjust the units so you can get growth rate for each year – the data above will come up in dollars so it needs to be adjusted.

Choose two or three of the most relevant events from this time period that impacted the U.S. economy. Apply specific models developed throughout the course to demonstrate how these events influenced national output during this time period.

You can use the GDP formula to explain how an event impacted GDP growth. For instance, if there was large increase in military spending because of a war, we would expect to see an increase in GDP through increased Government Spending.

Be sure the connections you make are supported by the data you present.

To access hyperlinks, view as Slide Show from top ribbon tab



ECO 202

*Note: to access hyperlinks, go to Slide Show view.


Start with the first topic you want to present.


First research the main idea you want to talk about, research sources, images/graphs/diagrams/tables.

Try to express the main concepts in a brief manner, such as bullet points, images with key words.


Explain the slide in the speaker’s notes.




Unemployment and Inflation (2+ slides)

Analyze unemployment and inflation data as to their relation to output and growth, using macroeconomic principles and models to explain their effect.

Show graphs of both annual inflation rates and annual unemployment rates throughout your decade.

Find data on inflation rates – here are some you could use (you do not need to use all), and be sure to change the units to percent change from a year ago:

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index – Less Food and Energy (less volatile and often uses for targeting purposes, often called “Core CPI”)

Producer Price Index

Find data on unemployment here

Explain how inflation and unemployment are calculated for the data presented

Discuss how changes in both are related to changes in GDP growth

Apply specific models developed throughout the course to demonstrate how the previously selected events influenced both unemployment and inflation during this time period.

Discuss how the events impacted both economic indicators

For the final draft, look to include our AD-AS model to illustrate how events led the changes observed in both



ECO 202

Make sure to include speaker’s notes.


Interest Rates

Analyze interest rate fluctuations throughout this time period and their effects on other aspects of the economy.

Show graph of interest rates during your time period – there are different rate to choose from, like the Federal Funds Rate, the 3-Month Treasury Rate or the Bank Prime Loan Rate which will each give a sense of the level of interest rates and the trend throughout the decade

Then discuss the following:

How would these fluctuations affect/be affected by inflation?

Would investments and foreign trade rates increase or decrease?

How would the GDP of the American economy be affected?

To answer the above questions, consider the relationship between interest rates and GDP



ECO 202

Include Speaker’s notes.



Include references in APA style.

For help with what in-text citations and reference listings should look like in a PowerPoint, refer here.



ECO 202



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