Relation between spending in the economy

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Are you a Classical or Keynesian economist? Pick a perspective and defend. I am more of a Keynesian economist. Keynesian methodology consists of a belief of a relation between spending in the economy and it affecting the inflation and output. It also is in agreement that we need the government to step in from time to time to keep the economy on track.I would also consider myself more of a Keynesian economist because I think that there should be a lot of consideration on how the demand is the biggest factor in the growth rate of the economy. Having a larger demand will, in turn, cause a bigger supply and output.Lastly, I concur with the use of tariffs in order to maintain a balance within the country. It keeps others from having too large of a presence within the local industries. References:Arnold, R. A. (2016). Economics. Australia: Cengage Learning

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Relation between spending in the economy
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