Questions on Globalization of Business


Unless otherwise instructed, Lesson Assignments should be prepared in Microsoft Word® using the Times New Roman font, 12 point, single space, double space between paragraphs. Each page must be numbered and your last name and student number included on the upper left hand corner of each page. Each student is responsible for completing all assignments by the required date and time. This course contains a number of lesson assignments and/or case studies. All assignments are to be completed in a Microsoft Word® document conforming to American Psychological Association (APA) formatting standards ( Additionally, please ensure your assignment has a cover page and a separate reference page, see “Example Assignment Submission Template”, as an example. For any additional information on APA, please reference the course syllabus.

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Questions on Globalization of Business
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Your lesson assignment responses should be evidenced from the course textbook and/or from peer-reviewed sources not more than 5 years old. In general, Wikipedia is not a professionally-reviewed resource and should not be used as an assignment reference. You must cite your references so that readers can verify your conclusions, and easily determine what is your work, and what is paraphrased or taken directly from other sources. Failure to give credit for the work of others in your assignments and writing projects constitutes plagiarism.

The following Short Answer Questions should be completed and submitted to the course faculty via the learning platform for evaluation and grading. Submit your responses to these questions in one WORD document. List the question first, and then your response. Additionally, your responses are to be answered in a paragraph narrative format; not bulletized or numbered lists. In most cases your responses to each individual questions should be no more than 500 words (per question).

Chapter 12. Analyzing International Opportunities

Chapter 13. Selecting and Managing Entry Modes

1) What is country image? Explain how it affects the screening process using examples.

2) Discuss the importance of cultural factors when assessing a national business environment, and explain why cultural differences between markets create difficulties when conducting international research.

3) Discuss how companies identify the basic appeal for products when screening a potential market, and explain how international organizations provide the essential information to researchers.

4) Why would an exporter use a sales representative or a distributor? Why would the exporter be reluctant to offer an open account payment method?

5) What is countertrade? Explain the concept of buyback as a type of countertrade, and discuss buyback as a joint venture configuration.

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