Project on Principles of Economics

Paper Description

This project is designed for you to apply many of the economic principles learned in your eco-nomics classes to a real-world business application. Specifically, you will choose a publicly-traded company (Tesla) that has recently  launched a new product (Model 3) . Your team (four members) will then act as project managers and prepare a paper and presentation to the board of directors of this company. All members will agree on the project. You are expected to include at least 20 of these. Each concept must be 1) defined, 2) applied, and 3) cited (the application is cited, NOT the definition).

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Project on Principles of Economics
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You are expected to discuss the main features of the industry (not just the firm and product), and are encouraged to explore the strategic interactions in the selected company’s industry. You should also highlight the global context that this firm engages in. You are further encouraged to take on questions related to ethics and sustainability. Again, your project needs to clearly be directed to the board of directors. Further, the report should have 3 to 5 (or more) sections to provide structure and organization. The 20 concepts should then be brought seamlessly into the sections. To assist you and me, please bold the concepts when your first introduce them.

Finally, not every paragraph/sentence has to touch on one of the 20 concepts, but every paragraph/sentence should support the purpose for the report and the section.

page2image2916713248The paper should follow APA formatting and citation rules. These include double-spaced, letter-size paper, 12-pt font and 1 inch margins. Further, there are clear guidelines regarding bib- liography, in-text citations and more. You probably want to provide an “Executive Summary” instead of an Abstract, given the business focus of the project.

The final project will be between 15–25 pages in length. This is text only. Tables, figures and references will go beyond this limit.

Half of your paper score will come from how you incorporate the 20 concepts into the pa- per. As mentioned, for a concept to be meaningful it (1) is correctly defined, (2) is relevant to the situation, and (3) its application is appropriately cited. You may want to use footnotes for some definitions to improve the flow of the paper but still be able to get points for a meaningful application of a concept.

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