Process management and the supply chain

Process management is a vital part of the workings of a successful supply chain.  Supply chains go through quite a process from beginning to completion, as well as changing, and growing within that process.  In fact, “supply chain management processes; those that span multiple organizations and focus significantly on the flow of goods, information, and funds can be quite complex, requiring intra- and inter- organizational coordination and collaboration” (Poirer, Quinn, and Swink, 2009).

If a company is able to maintain good process management it will make a huge difference in the way the company runs and the supply chain functions.  It is interesting to consider how putting emphasis on the flow of goods and customer service can come at a high cost to the company.  Without those things being a priority for company, though it can become an even larger expense.  If the flow of goods is not functioning well it can cause significant issues.  Without products on the shelves the company can make no money, which also causes issues with customer service.

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Process management and the supply chain
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One thing that is interesting to consider is that some of the biggest most widely well known companies have fairly unique processing management ideas.  Some of these companies are “Walmart, Ikea, the Walt Disney Co., UPS and many other similar firms are often highlighted for their own version of supply chain management mastery and innovation” (Flint, 2007).  Other companies try to follow some of the processes that these companies use because they have been so successful.  Their are not many companies that have the size of business like these listed, but they can still take key points from their processing management to make it work.

Do you think that small businesses can implement the same practices as large businesses and be successful?


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