Per Capita GDP and Quality of Life

This week’s discussion topic is about Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Per Capita GDP and Quality of Life. GDP is the market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy in a year. Per Capita GDP is GDP/Population and shows how much of total GDP is theoretically available to each individual in the society. Per Capita GDP is the normal measure of Standard of Living when comparing nations.

Quality of Life has no standard definition. It is broader concept that attempts to embrace the multitude of variables that make people happy. There are many measures of it, but all include GDP and/or Per Capita GDP.

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Per Capita GDP and Quality of Life
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The ultimate question for this week is: “Is GDP a good measure of  economic well being?”

Part of answering that question is a consideration of whether economic well being for the nation is the same as quality of life for the individual? If not, how would you measure quality of life for the individual?

  1. Review the concept and details of computing GDP
  2. Read the article in Chapter 23 in your textbook: “Measuring Macroeconomic Well-Being” (pages 488-489).
  3. Each post submitted should be between 150 and 250 words. Keep them short, specific, and clear.

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