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Robert Downey Junior is Hollywood’s highest- paid actor Calnan, Marianne . Employee Benefits ; London (Aug 7, 2015).

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Robert Downey Junior has been named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor by Forbes magazine, with average earnings

of Pounds 51.2 ($80) million per film.

Also topping the list are Jackie Chan, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and Adam Sandler.

The top 15 highest-paid actors are:

1. Robert Downey Junior (pictured): Pounds 51.2 million.

2. Jackie Chan: Pounds 32 million.

3. Vin Diesel: Pounds 30 million.

4. Bradley Cooper: Pounds 26.5 million.

5. Adam Sandler: Pounds 26.2 million.

6. Tom Cruise: Pounds 25.6 million.

7-joint. Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan: Pounds 21.4 million.

9. Akshay Kumar: Pounds 20.8 million.

10. Mark Wahlberg: Pounds 20.5 million.

11. Dwayne Johnson (‘The Rock’): Pounds 20.1 million.

12. Johnny Depp: Pounds 19.2 million.

13-joint. Leonardo Di Caprio and Channing Tatum: Pounds 18.5 million.

15-joint. Daniel Craig and Chris Hemsworth: Pounds 17.3 million.

At Employee Benefits, we are wondering if employers will follow suit and introduce salaries in line with those of

Hollywood and Bollywood’s biggest stars, even if we do lack their acting ability…

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