Logical prediction about prices of corn

Assume that you are one of six thousand people who live on the small island of Tap. This island is small and can only produce a maximum of six thousand bags of corn a year (ignore technological advances in corn production that are occurring elsewhere in the world). The six thousand bags of corn produced are just enough for the residents since each resident only earns enough to buy one bag of corn a year (a pity since the Tapese really love corn!). The currency on Tap is the US dollar. Now suppose that the government of Tap injects more US dollars into the economy, and the result is that person now ends up having twice the amount of US dollars as he or she did before. Make a logical prediction about prices of corn in the economy, and explain what principle of economics is illustrated in this scenario.

Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.

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Logical prediction about prices of corn
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