Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



Professor Nerdy has multiple professionals that can help you attend your classes for you and provide you with the detailed notes after attending to them. Also, if you have online exams that need to be handled, we have professionals suited to that task. Our tutorship programs are also charged according to the clases you want attended to during the week. All you have to do is to contact us to make your inquiry. We help our clients in every academic dimension and serve as a one stop shop for academic learning materials and professors ready to elevate your learning experience. 

By taking part in your online classes, Professor Nerdy supports students in a wide range of academic domains. We engage in online tests for which you are ill-prepared and have proxies that accurately position us in your locations of residence. As a student, you don’t need to be concerned that you won’t have enough time to complete an academic task in any learning environment. If you have faith in our experts, then getting in touch with us will be your first step toward academic greatness.

Students often learn from each other, and a majority of learning in an institution is informal learning – or learning in the flow of work. It’s important to encourage institution-wide collaboration for increased productivity, and social learning, which increases your work life balance. 

A modern learning structure should encourage you to enjoy learning and develop additional skillsets that will help you after finishing school in your workplace and communities. Therefore, some work should better be delegated to professors suited to handling it as you wait to perfect your understanding the topics by reading well researched concepts. 

We offer discounts on first time orders and after the completion of each five orders. This is to mean that you will receive the  first discount in your first, fifth, tenth orders and so on. Also, you can receive discounts of 30% by referring another student to access our services.

Each paper we submit is unique and written from scratch depending on the client’s needs. We follow your directions to ensure that each finished project is original. Additional feedback from your instructor, class notes, and your own thoughts are all welcome, and the writers will follow your directions on how you expect each task to be conducted.

We offer 24/5 support primarily via emails, which we have found to be the most efficient means for both our customers and our support staff.

Professor Nerdy is totally legal.  It only offers writing samples and research support to learners so they may improve their essay writing abilities. Additionally Professor Nerdy does not accept plagiarism.

 All access to files, such are individually encrypted for each user to prevent unauthorized sharing of resources. Our database is encrypted to also protect the leak of your information to any individual.