Discussion on Multinational Corporations

You are to select a multinational corporation – examples include P&G, GE and Lexis-Nexis, which are all local companies within driving distance. Of course, you can also select some other companies to your interest, such as Dow Chemical, McDonalds, Merck, etc. Then you will focus on that company in one overseas country/market. They may or may not already be doing business in that country.

Conduct research by reading their website, their annual report (for international aspects), or other research you can locate. You are to identify your sources of information in the form of a bibliography. The paper should be no more than 15 pages, double spaced. Your grade will be based on content and organization of thought, ideas, and structure.

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Discussion on Multinational Corporations
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Some of the course assignments are related to this final paper requirement. Therefore, it is OK to draw from the materials you submitted before – the course is designed this way, so you will not be overwhelmed towards the end of the semester. However, your write-up for this final paper is to be cohesive (rather than simply “copy and paste” from your previous assignments). You are to demonstrate your progress of assimilating and synthesizing information through the semester.

Please incorporate the following in your discussion:

1. Organization and product/service analysis 

a. Description of the organization

b. Product or services “needs assessment” of the chosen overseas market/country

c. Description of the company’s products or services to meet the need

2. Global strategy formulation 

a. Conduct a business risk analysis (associated with the chosen country)

i. Political

ii. Competitive

iii. Cultural

iv. Economic

v. Legal vi. Technological

vii. Demographical

b. Compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of various modes of entry into the global markets

c. SWOT analysis

d. Country selection

i. Market size and growth

ii. Barriers to entry

iii. Previous experience in countries and timing

3. Current event research. With Trump’s presidency, America has entered a new era regarding how to survive, compete and blossom amidst the reality of globalization. Which of Trump’s new policies is going to impact your selected company? How does his protectionism benefit or hurt your selected market/country? Is his policy going to deliver the result that he has promised? Include your latest research and integrate some of your peers’ insights from our Canvas discussions into your paper to make it a more timely report. 

4. Your overall evaluation of their strategies. What suggestions might you make to improve the company’s global expansion with new products or services? If you disagree with some of their strategies, please discuss in more detail. Also, incorporate what you would do differently

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