Default, financial intermediaries and interest rate

2 page paper. on this article

Page one: in summarize the news event. Be certain to include a topic sentence. You need to mention the author’s main ideas and include facts, statistics, examples, and/or quotes to describe the main ideas.

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Default, financial intermediaries and interest rate
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Page 2:

– First, you must identify and define the concept following concepts (Default, financial intermediaries, interest rate) Explain what the concept is and how it is applied in the article. Be certain to use the concept correctly. Relate the concept to what we are studying in Economics.

– Second, You need to react to the article. form an opinion (evaluation) of it. Some of the questions you might answer in your reaction are: Did you like or dislike the article? Whom does this article impact, and how are they affected by its contents? How does this article apply to your family or you? What did you learn that was new, interesting, or significant? If the article involves a change in policy, you should discuss the fairness issue.

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