Clinical Psychology on Major Depressive Disorder

ABS200 Case Study List The case studies listed below will be used for your Weeks Three and Five written assignments. Feel free to download this document for your use. Be certain you are referring to the assignments within each week and taking note of the specific instructions on how to use these case studies within each week. Case Study #1 Clinical Psychology: Major Depressive Disorder Joe is suffering from severe depression. His father, grandmother, and two uncles suffered with the same condition. One of Joe’s uncles who met the criteria for Major Depressive Disorder committed suicide at the age of 57. Joe’s depression started after he was laid off from work, and became disabling when his wife divorced him, receiving full custody of the kids and their home. Case Study#2 Health Psychology: Stress & Coping Jamiel missed his bus, had to walk to work, and was 30 minutes late. Feeling rushed for his first presentation to the new boss, he went to the computer to print out his notes so he could compose himself. The file was corrupt and would not open. He turned to get the computer manual from the desk, spilling coffee all over his desk and suit. Jamiel’s heart was racing, he had a terrible headache, and was conscious of only one feeling – stress. Case Study#3 Forensic Psychology: Information Recall / Eyewitness Testimony June was a witness to violent crime. Twelve months later she was called by the state as a witness and took the stand swearing under oath that the defendant was the man leaving the scene of the murder holding something in his hand. There was no DNA evidence or weapon to be found. Yet due to a weak defense and June’s eye witness testimony, the verdict was guilty and the defendant was sentenced to life in prison. On appeal the defendant hired a better lawyer who now attacks June’s testimony and the accuracy of her memories. He points out that she was wrong about important details and was in fact influenced by wording of the questions. Case Study#4 Educational Psychology: Learning Disabilities Eight year old Jimmy is having difficulty learning, and he is showing specific problems in reading and math. Parents and teachers have worked together to try and understand what is happening. They have determined the problem is not the result of visual, hearing, or motor disabilities, mental retardation, emotional disorders, or environmental, cultural, or economic issues. Finally,

after all of this is ruled out, Jimmy is classified as having two learning disabilities: dyslexia and dyscalculia.

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Clinical Psychology on Major Depressive Disorder
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Case Study#5 Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Jasmine is the manager of a large retail store. Her staff lacks motivation to meet stated goals,

resulting in sales numbers that are way down for the year. After being called into the corporate

offices, her direct supervisor has tasked Jasmine with adjusting her leadership style and making

organizational and environmental changes in the local store to motivate her team to meet the

next quarter’s sales goals. If the goals are not met, she will face being removed as manager and

all the staff being replaced.




Case Study#6 Addiction Counseling. Michael (age 28) is addicted to heroin. He has withdrawal symptoms, stomach cramps, muscle spasms, a runny nose, chills, dilated pupils, elevated blood pressure and heart rate and, and he is running a slight temperature. He has no other major medical problems and only reports mild anxiety symptoms. Initially, he is polite and charming and just wants a referral to a new doctor who will give him some “meds” as his prior physician will not give him any more. When you recommend an evaluation first, Michael becomes angry and threatening. He says you are leaving him no options except to rob someone. He tells you he wants to quit using drugs and he just get needs a few pills to get him through the night.

Case Study#7 Marriage and Family Therapy

Ronnie and Larry married five years ago after living together for 3 years. They are raising

Ronnie’s daughter from a prior marriage. Ronnie’s and Larry’s now engage in frequent bitter

arguments which are impacting every aspect of their lives (work, childrearing, social

relationships). Personality characteristics they once thought were endearing are now extremely

annoying. They wonder what happened to the love and affection they felt towards each other at

the beginning of their relationship. Now, they argue about money, parenting, entertainment,

meals, clothing, etc. Larry thinks all overtime he works to cover the bulk of the household

expenses is not appreciated. Ronnie feels overburdened with work, childcare responsibilities,

caring for a brother with a disability, and most of household duties. They both feel the other is

not contributing enough.


Case Study#8 Sport Psychology

Last season, Carlos had a basketball game in which he was totally “in the zone.” Everything he

did worked for him effortlessly. He scored 30 points, only missing one shot the entire game

when he was fouled by an opponent. He had 7 steals and 21 assists because he saw the court

so well and just “knew” what his teammates and opponents would do. Carlos later learned he

had experienced being in “flow” (a peak performance experience). Usually, he has been known

as an average player with a moderate level of motivation; however, since he experienced flow,

his passion for basketball has risen to a new high. He desperately wants to experience flow

again and to be able to perform in flow all the time.

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