Case Study on Economic For Strategic Decision

Instructions: Putting theories into practice–Please pick one or some specific concepts we learnt each week, illustrate how will you practice these concepts on a specific case that you can find.
—    optimum output level to maximize it’s profit. or choose from the powerpoint given  —
Requirement: Please provide: details of the reasons you choose a topic or concept; details of any case (personal experiences, news, articles, reports, research papers,etc.) you choose; and how the theory of decision making is reflected in this case; at least 3 (double-spaced, 12pt-font) pages not including title page, not including tables and charts (but you are welcome to include them).
Complete and submit after approval paid accepted bid. 
Citation is needed for cites. APA writing format is preferred.
Grading Rubric  (Attached)
Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.

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