Apply macroeconomic concepts

ECO 100 ASSIGNMENT 2 Assignment 2: Final Report Don’t use plagiarized sources.

The Basic Economic Problem

ECO 100 WEEK 1 DISCUSSION Watch this short video: Scarcity: The Basic

The Market and Your Decision to Go to College

ECO 100 WEEK 2 DISCUSSION “The Market and Your Decision to Go

Exploring Monopolies and Oligopolies

ECO 100 WEEK 4 DISCUSSION “Exploring Monopolies and Oligopolies” Don’t use plagiarized

Considering Trade offs You Make Every Day

ECO 100 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION “Considering Tradeoffs You Make Every Day” Don’t

GDP Accuracy in the Digital Age

ECO 100 WEEK 6 DISCUSSION “Is the GDP Still Accurate in the