Australia Solar Energy Demand

Paper Guidelines:  1. Technical Specifications:  a. Use standard fonts (12) and standard margins  b. Page numbers start with the second page (page 2).  c. Pagination must be consecutive. Table should have consecutive numbers and a precise title. For example, your first table would be “Table 1: TITLE” and others will follow consecutively.  d. Charts should also be organized as tables. Charts also should be organized just as tables are.  e. Please DO NOT use quotations.    2. Your paper should have the following sections and organized in that order. a. Attach a cover sheet to include the title of the paper, your name and the due date for the first draft and the last draft, respectively.    b. Include an outline: You must have an outline for the paper. The outline should be organized according to the sections described below, and any subsections you wish to add. This page will follow the cover sheet, before the first page.   3. Include the following sections to organize your paper: 1. Introduction:  In this section, you first describe the question you want to examine and then discuss how you plan to answer it. Then write an overview of what your paper will include (sections II-V).     II.​Literature:   In this section, you the findings of the two journal articles you are using for this research.     III.​This Study:   This section will be for the main body of your paper.   ▪ You need to describe your data; ▪ describe your estimation model. Discuss the expected signs for each of the variables.  ▪ Include your regression output (a computer printout must be included).  ▪ Describe your regression results as follow: • R2 and its collective power.  • Describe the sings AND the magnitude of each coefficient.  • Consider the (t) statistics for each variable to evaluate the statistical significance of each variable. Use Rule 2 for this. • You need to use two models; one linear and one the LN version of the linear model.  • Your discussion of the regression results must include a comparison of the two alternative models.  • You should also summarize ALL tables and charts you have created for your research.  • Describe your overall findings.    IV. ​Summary and Conclusion:   In this section, you summarize all your research. Typically, you this section should be about half a page or one whole page.     V. Bibliography:   The last section of your paper is for presenting the bibliography. Thissection will include sources you mention in the text of the paper AND your data sources.     Journal articles should be listed alphabetically, by the last name of the first authors. Other sources should also be presented alphabetically.     Internet sources should give the full URL specification and the date of your research.     Research Project Grade Distribution   ➢ 10% for the theory of demand for residential solar energy, describing EACH variable clearly and the reason for its including in the demand estimation. And for describing the expected sign for EACH variable.

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Australia Solar Energy Demand
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