Assignment on The Marketing Plan

Assignment 2: Business Plan Breakdown 2—The Marketing Plan

This is the second milestone of your business plan—the marketing plan.

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Assignment on The Marketing Plan
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Research the market of your chosen project. Based upon your research and what you have learned in the program, generate a 4- to 5-page marketing plan for your chosen project. In your marketing plan, you should address the following points:

  • Explain      how the marketing plan targets the market segment.
  • Provide      a positioning statement for your project.
  • Define      the products and services you will offer.
  • Develop      and detail a pricing strategy you will use.
  • Describe      the promotion plan you will implement.
  • Identify      the target locations with an assessment of their viability.

Submission Details:

  • By the      due date assigned, save your paper as      M2_A2_lastname_firstinitial.doc and submit it to the Submissions Area.

This assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the following rubric.


Assignment 3 Grading Criteria

Maximum   Points


Explain how the marketing plan   targets the market segment.



Provide a positioning statement   for your venture.



Define the products or services to   be offered.



Develop and detail a pricing   strategy to be used.



Describe the promotion plan to be   implemented.



Define locations that will become   targets, with an assessment of their viability.



Write in a clear, concise, and   organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation   and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.




100 Please be mindful of the Grading rubics and my business is seamtress

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