Assignment on Data Analysis and Analytics

This is a 2 part homework. If you would look in the link there is the 2nd part


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Assignment on Data Analysis and Analytics
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The purpose of this assignment is to assess various types of data and the relevance of that data for use in data analysis. Students are encouraged to find data sources for topics, industries, or companies in which they have interest. There is also data available within the SAS® Visual Analytics student interface that may be used. By looking at the available data, students should start to formulate the types of questions that they can ask and answer through data analysis.

Select an organization of interest from the list of organizations that you identified in your Week 1 assignment or an organization from some other source. You are looking for an organization that has:

o Applied data analysis in a positive way.

o Readily-available organization and industry data (e.g. user or customer data).

o Data in a suitable format for input into SAS® Visual Analytics (preferably Microsoft Excel (XLSX) or comma-separated values (CSV) format) that can be used in future assignments.

Send a private message to your instructor identifying the organization and the source of data that you plan to use. Your instructor will either approve it or suggest an alternative.

Evaluate this organization as a candidate for data analysis in a maximum of 1,050 words, and complete the following:

o Identify the purpose of the data analysis (i.e. how it will be applied to a specific business need).

o Summarize the source and type of data being collected and analyzed.

o Analyze a sample description of one or two records in the database, describing the available data fields collected.

o Describe the anticipated results and what they mean for the organization.

Cite a minimum of one peer-reviewed reference from the University Library.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


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