Articles on Green Zebra and Poler

please answer these questions in one page  and not more  for each question .  for the questions. They all have due date June 13 /2018 .There are three questions:

question 1 :Find examples of 3 of the following economic concepts in the articles on Green Zebra and Poler that are linked to below.

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Articles on Green Zebra and Poler
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Economic concepts

(1) the invisible hand

(2) opportunity cost

(3) incentives

(4) tradeoffs

(5) specialization

(6) market failure.

(7) individual pursuit of self interest

(8) creation of social good in a capitalist society

Explain why your examples illustrate the concepts you have selected.

question1 articles:

Green Zebra Grocery wants to be the bike-friendly Plaid Pantry

question 2: Listen to, or read the transcript of, the Freakanomics Podcast, “Is the world ready for a guaranteed basic income?”

What are the arguments for and against a basic income? Are you opposed or against, personally? Why?

Question 2 articles

Question 3:The three articles about cars linked to below discuss some of the challenges for the auto industry going forward. What exactly is the auto industry selling us? What is the future of the auto industry, according to these authors?

Question 3 articles

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