Apply appropriate social science theories

  • Apply appropriate social science theories and methodologies to do an in-depth analysis of an important question, issue or problem (Social Science Learning Outcome #2).
  • Interpret and evaluate individual and group differences and similarities and explain how they may be influenced by factors such as race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, class, religion and/or disabilities (General Education Outcome #4.2).
  • Evaluate leading international relations theories and assess their utility in explaining significant international political processes or events (Social Science  International Relations Concentration Learning Outcome).

Read the following from Lechner and Boli (Eds.), (2015). The Globalization Reader (5th ed.)

  • Introduction to Part IX
  • Chapter 52: Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims
  • Chapter 53: Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah
  • Chapter 54: The Christian Revolution
  • Chapter 55: American Evangelicals: The Overlooked Globalizers and Their Unintended Gospel of Modernity
  • Chapter 56: Globalizing Catholicism and the Return to a “Universal” Church

Before beginning this essay, be sure to review the module notes and your discussion board posts, as well as your notes from all of the readings and videos. Historical details are important here! The essay will only be as convincing and as interesting as the examples you cite to support your points.

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Apply appropriate social science theories
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Write an essay that answers the following two questions:

  • What makes “fundamentalism” a distinctly global phenomenon? What are its likely long-term impacts? Please base your analysis on direct quotes from the writings of any three of the following five scholars we’ve studied in the Module: Kurzman (2002), Roy (2004), Jenkins (2002), Yates (2002) and Casanova (1999). At least one of the writings should be about Islam. Please illustrate all your main points with detailed examples drawn from (1) the reading, (2) current events, and/or (3) where relevant, your own personal experience.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • The project should demonstrate understanding of assigned reading materials for the module.
  • The analysis is appropriate, and relevant examples have been cited.

Your essay should be approximately 750 words in length (not including the cover page), double-spaced and in 12-point font. Be sure to submit your project in one Word document in APA format, and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox

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